Monday, 23 May 2016

Ten Songs Mix Tape 2 - Degrees of Separation

Ten Songs grew partly out of a habit of obsessively making mix tapes and CDs. The process was usually pretty simple – I would make a mix of shit I was excited about and decide that actually, everyone should hear it and it’d make a pretty great show. 

This time out, the mix seemed better as a mix, probably because it was so high concept. Every band on Degrees of Separation is connected by 6 or less degrees of separation, making it a map of a scene of sorts. This idea grew out of a flier promoting the Latchstring demo – on the back were a bunch of links to bands and projects that everyone involved wanted to promote as well. From such humble acorns, mighty oaks grow, right? Yeah.

The first Ten Songs mix was a collection of live session tracks culled from the podcast sessions. I'm still pretty proud of it, not least because it was cobbled together on a budget of pretty much nothing.