Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Ten Songs Podcast #5

This is May’s podcast and I’ve got another guest podcaster. This time Chris – who lives in Austria – is playing a set of Austrian hardcore. We put this together over email, which I think ended up working well. I really like the fact that we put this show together whilst sitting at PC's in different countries! Yay for the Internet. Plus I think it sounds rad and I hope you dig it too and want to check out some of the bands when they tour this year. Thanks Chris! - Phil Chokeword

Track Listing 1. Ringers – Dutch Courage (From the "This Detention Halls" CD on 1234 Go! Records)

Guest Set:
2. Red Lights Flash - Join This Island (From the as yet untitled new CD on A-F Records)
3. Astpai - The Scavenger (From the spilt CD with Attack! Vipers! on We Heart Records)
4. The Plague Mass - The Prisoner (From the “Living Amongst Meat Eaters” 12” on
Noise Appeal Records (in Austria))
5. Rentokill - The Subject (From the “The O.S.E” EP on
Broken Heart Records (in Austria)

6. The Zatopeks – Radio Marya (From the "Damn Fool Music" CD on Household Name Records)
7. The Jammy Dodgers – Unseen Future (From the “Fish ‘n’ Chips" 7” on
No Idea Records)
8. The Marked Men - Robots (From the "Fortune / Robots" 7” on
Dirtnap Records)
9. Serf Combat – For Spring (From the 4 Way Spilt 7” with Southport, Offshore Radio and Achtung Everybody.
Self Released)

10. Radon – Facial Disobedience (From the "We Bare All" CD on
No Idea Records)

Stuff: 1. This was put together on my family's PC using Audacity and a USB record player, some over played CDs and 7"s and a cheap Internet microphone. Plus this MP3 is a lower bit rate than most in order to keep it at a manageable size. So if there’s a song on here that you dig and want to buy the record it came off, don't be put off if it sounds kinda rough or scuzzy. I can guarantee it'll sound better in the original format. I hope that makes sense!
2. I either asked the bands (Zatopeks, Serf Combat, Red Lights Flash, Astpai, The Plague Mass, Rentokill), the record label who put out the record I was playing (Dirtnap, No Idea), or Southern Lovin’ (Ringers) if it was OK to podcast their songs and they were cool with it. I think one of the great things about the Internet is that its really easy to get in contact with people whose music you dig and I'd like to take time to thank them for allowing me to play their songs. Cheers!
3. It goes without saying that if you like this podcast, let your friends know about it! Please? Thank you. And get in touch too if you dig it/hate it/have any tips. tensongspodcast [at] googlemail [dot] com

How To Listen To The Show:
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