Sunday, 28 February 2010

Ten Songs Podcast #15

February was a manic month. I am ill and broken and poor. But it was all worth it. I made it back to Berlin and hung out with some great people, ate some great food, and saw the sights. I saw some awesome bands this month like Vitamin X, Billy Bragg, Brothers and Sauna Youth (all in the last 7 days actually...). And I picked up a stack of sweet records. Good times, these.

Anyhow, this is March’s show and there’s the usual mix of punk and hardcore. There’s also another live set – this time of my band Like Grenades. Thanks to Rich Smith as always for making that happen and for his support in keeping this part of the show going. - Phil Chokeword

Track Listing
1. Vivian Girls – The End (From the “Everything Goes Wrong” CD on
In The Red Records)

2. Psyched To Die – Conditioned To Fail (From the “Year 1” CD on
Dirtnap Records)
3. Bloody Gears – Bite The Head (From the self released “Demo 2009” tape –
Bloody Gears blogspot)
4. 86 Mentality – Gonna Hafta Fight (From the “Goin’ Nowhere Fast” CD on
Grave Mistake Records)
5. Social Circkle – I Don’t Want (From the “I’ve Got Afflictions” 7” on
No Way Records)

6. Nobunny – Somewhere New (From the “Love Visions” CD on
1-2-3-4-Go! Records)
7. This Is My Fist! – All That Is Wrong (From the split 7” with The Marked Men on
No Idea Records)
8. Pinhead Gunpowder – Landlords (From the “Kick Over The Traces” CD on
Recess Records)
9. Wegrowbeards – Everything Changes (From the split tape with Cynics –
Wegrowbeards myspace)

Like Grenades, Live @ Planet Sounds
10. Like Grenades – Clocking Out
11. Like Grenades – Morning Sickness
12. Like Grenades - Vaccum
13. Like Grenades – Flat Earth
Like Grenades are – Sam (Drums),Tommy (Guitar), Al (Bass), Phil (Vocals). They have a 5 song tape available and you can contact them via their myspace page.This set was recorded by Rich Smith. Rich has a mobile studio (he doesn’t work for Planet Sounds), doesn’t charge much, does a great job and is an all-round good guy. You should totally drop him an email at if you’re on the south coast and want to record.

14. Cynics – In The Valley (From the split tape with Wegrowbeards –
Cynics myspace)

1. This was put together on my family's PC using Audacity and a USB record player, some over played CDs and 7"s and a cheap Internet microphone. Plus this MP3 is a lower bit rate than most in order to keep it at a manageable size. So if there’s a song on here that you dig and want to buy the record it came off, don't be put off if it sounds kinda rough or scuzzy. I can guarantee it'll sound better in the original format.
2. I asked the bands (Bloody Gears, Wegrowbeards, Cynics, Social Circkle), the labels (In The Red, Dirtnap, No Idea, Recess) or Cam at Southern Lovin’ (Nobunny) if it was OK to podcast their songs and they were cool with it. I think one of the great things about the Internet is that it’s really easy to get in contact with people whose music you dig and I'd like to take time to thank them for allowing me to play their songs. Cheers!
3. It goes without saying that if you like this podcast, let your friends know about it! Please? Thank you. And get in touch too if you dig it/hate it/have any tips. tensongspodcast [at] googlemail [dot] com or leave a comment. And if you think you might want to have a go at making your own podcast, here’s a step by step guide to How I Made This Show.

How To Listen To The Show:
I've uploaded the podcast to bliptv. I'm a little confused by RSS feeds and all that bumph, but I think that they sort all this for me. This means that it should be pretty easy to subscribe to the podcast. As I understand it, you need to cut and paste this url into your podcast catcher - - or if you use itunes, hopefully you'll be able to do the same thing if you CLICK HERE.

Uploading to also means that you can use the player below to stream the podcast and listen to it without downloading it. Plus if you RIGHT CLICK HERE and select "save target as" you should have the option of downloading the podcast and listening to it on the sly at work or something. Get in. (If you left click, it streams the audio too, but it jumps to another page and takes forever.)

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