Friday, 12 November 2010

A Time, A Place: The Ten Songs Podcast Live Sessions (free album)

A free compilation album of tracks recorded for live sessions featured on Ten Songs Podcast.

Track listing:
1. FAILURES’ UNION: The Fall Man
3. DEFIER: Smalltown Strain
4. WHOLE IN THE HEAD: Born Without Eyes
5. LIKE GRENADES: Morning Sickness
6. SAUNA YOUTH: Eurozone/Mild Horses
7. LIKE GRENADES: Clockin Out
8. WHOLE IN THE HEAD: Boy Who Told Lies
9. DEFIER: Outlive (originally by GUNS UP)
10. THE GOODWIFE: An Unsuccessful Husband
11. FAILURES’ UNION: Replaced
12. BANGERS: Huddle in
13. CHRIS CLAVIN: No Going Home (Live In Puerto Rico)

Download it for free from Kill Your Own.

(Whilst you are there, check out the rest of, it's a totally rad site with lots of cool shit to download. New zine out too.)

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