Saturday, 23 July 2011

Get In The Van #2/Ten Songs Podcast #24

This show is a trans-world (?) split with Get In The Van Podcast, put together via the magic of the information superhighway across about 1000 billion miles and multiple time zones. Ben recorded his show in Leeds, UK and his half features a mix of mostly local punk/hardcore. It’s pretty ripping. Then you get to listen to me mumbling my way through the usual mix of punk, hardcore and garage tunes, all compiled in the comfort of my bedroom in Brisbane, Australia. Enjoy. – Phil Chokeword

Track Listing

Get In The Van #2
1. Burning Kitchen - Good Looking (from the S/T 10" on
Alerta Antifascista)

2. Zapian - Change The Locks (from the album “Jibberjabber” on
Bombed Out Records)
3. Dauntless Elite - Primark Princess (from the Booze Hounds split 7" on
Not Shy Of The DIY)
4. Eagulls - Council Flat Blues (from the “Council Flat Blues” 7" on
Moshi Moshi Records)

5. Mob Rules – Untitled (from the “Donor” LP on
Grot Records)
6. Mouth - Liam Fox Is The Bastard (from the 4 way split double 7" on
Hit Time Records)
7. Closure - Black Shore (from the self titled 7" on
Feast Of Tentacles Records)
8. Bonestorm - Death's Lights (from the 4 way split double 7" on
Hit Time Records)

9. Credentials - What Are Little Boys Made Of? (from the “Goocher” LP on
86d Records)

Ten Songs Podcast #24
10. Sydney Ducks – Few Years Left (from the self released “Demo 2009” –
Sydney Ducks bandcamp)

11. Wasted Time – Withdraw (from the “Futility” LP on
Grave Mistake Records)
12. Extortion – Who Cares? (from the “Terminal Cancer” 7” on Shortfuse Records –
Extortion myspace)
13. Fires Of Waco – Damon Wayans (from the “Old Ghosts Never Sleep” LP on
Poison City Records)
14. Career Suicide – Cherry Beach (from the “Cherry Beach” 7” on
Dirtnap Records - Dirtnap Records 2011 sampler)

15. Royal Headache – Girls (from the S/T EP on
RIP Society Records)
16. Autistic Youth – Find Me Here (from the “Idle Minds” LP on
Dirtnap Records)
17. Megagames – Fuck You Miss Supper (from the “If it’s Not A Windsor I’ll Stand/Fuck You Miss Supper” EP available to download from

18. Social Circkle – What’s So Great? (from the “City Shock” LP on
No Way Records)

1. I can’t comment Ben’s set up, but my half of this show was put together on a notepad PC using Audacity, some MP3’s and a shitty headset internet microphone. Professional I am not. Plus this MP3 is a lower bit rate than most in order to keep it at a manageable size. So if there’s a song on here that you dig and want to buy the record it came off, don't be put off if it sounds kinda rough or scuzzy. I can guarantee it'll sound better in the original format.
2. We got permission from either the bands or labels before putting this show together. It’s polite innit. Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to let us play a track from a record they released or by a band they played in. It’s well appreciated.
3. It goes without saying that if you like this podcast, let your friends know about it! Please? Thank you. And get in touch too if you dig it/hate it/have any tips. tensongspodcast [at] googlemail [dot] com or leave a comment.
4. After two years of really good, flexible service, I've had to leave as they are winding down their support for audio only podcasts. This really sucks because the majority of you listen to the show via i-Tunes subscriptions. I am moving to Lib-syn and have been reassured by that they will redirect any rss feeds to my new account. At the moment, the rss feeds are still with and I'm slowly moving the other functions across. I don't think this will effect long term listeners except that you might notice cosmetic changes to the blog like a better flash player and that the option to save the podcast as an MP3 option works considerably quicker. I'll let you know if any unforeseen issues arise.

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